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Workgroup PDM over Network Sharing

Question asked by Bir Bikram Dey on Jul 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2013 by Jeff Holliday


So we are a two people company and we are trying to get PDM to work over dropbox.

So I installed dropbox in both computer and installed vault in one.

I renamed the vault folder in the dropbox and installed pdmadmin in the other with the same vault location.

Then I deleted the vault and renamed the other vault folder to be vault once again.

When I try to turn on the PDM workgroup in the last computer I can't log in.


I know I should try to get PDM enterprise, but is there a way we can do it with over dropbox or other sort of cloud (or wifi networking system)?

Where is it in VaultData it mentions computer name? (so that I can change it)\


Any ideas any one?