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Obtain and Use InitialConditions Object

Question asked by Martin Herling on Jul 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by Martin Herling

Hi there,


I'm trying to make use of the FlowSimulation API on SW2011 Premium x64. I think I understand how most of the methods and obejcts described in the API help file and used in the examples are used and what they do, but that's not true for the objects derived from ParametrizedFeature (ComputationalDomainSettings, InitialConditions, MeshSettings). I'm especially interested in the InitialConditions object, since I want to change flow direction for an external problem. It's stated that "You can obtain a InitialConditions object directly from a ParametrizedFeature object.", but until now this didn't really make sense to me...


So the question is: How do I obtain this object for my currently active configuration?


Thanks in advance,