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    Illegible border text when saving to PDF

    Shaun Densberger

      I'm having an issue with the border text in my drawings when I save them to PDFs. I have no issue if I print the drawings directly from SolidWorks, but if I save them as a PDF and then print them, the text in the border is impossible to read (it looks as if the line weight is too small). Here is what I have tried so far:


      1. I've tried bolding the text, but it has no effect. In fact, the text doesn't show up as bolded in the PDF (but does in the SW drawing file).
      2. I've tired printing (instead of saving) the drawing as a PDF (and also upped the DPI from 1200), but it has no effect.
      3. I've tried saving the drawings as a .dfx, but all of the text becomes misaligned.


      Anyone have any workaround? The fact that the drawing looks fine if I print it from SW but has issues if I save it to a PDF seems to suggest that it's an issue in the PDF translation, but I haven't found a way to resolve this.