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    Duplicate isn't a perfect copy?

    Chris Michalski

      I'm still in 2011 SP5 so things might have gotten better, but it seems that duplicating a simulation doesn't make a perfect copy.


      1st - it doesn't copy the Thermal icon, but if I click to add the thermal data it remembers which Flow Simulation data set it was supposed to be associated with.  If I don't specifically re-attach this will it utilize the thermal data (ie is it just forgetting to populate that icon or forgetting to attach the link)?


      2nd (and more important) - when I duplicated a simulation it added a 2nd triad and coordinate system.  The 1st image below is from my original simulation setup.  Then I duplicated it and changed the time step of the Flow simulation that it referenced. 

      If you look at the bottom image, there is an additional triad in the lower right corner.  But it is not in agreement with the original in the lower left.  So I have to change my plots in some instances to representing Z-Disp instead of Y-Disp.  But it is not in 100% of the duplicate simulations, some of them are truly identical to the original.


      Is this  just another "feature" of Solidworks Simulation or what happened?  And more importantly, how do I eliminate it?

      (okay, I figured out the "how to eliminate it" part - it apparently added a local coordinate system to those plots.  But the question still remains, why did it add it in the first place?)





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          Jared Conway

          thermal icon, what did the original one look like? if the data is connected, i wouldn't worry about the name or the icon. i think i've seen something like that before but it didn't affect the results. i'd run a test case if you're concerned here.


          the triad in the bottom right is for the plot vs the part/assembly. not sure why it doesn't match. i'd check the definition of the plot. but i do remember something like this a long time ago.


          first thing i'd recommend is checking if this is only happening to this part or if it is reproducible with a simple block. post here and we can check a later version and see if there is a way to fix it.