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    arabic writing in solidworks

    Hijazi Wissam

      hey everyone,

      is there any way to write with arabic in the drawing (drafting) area for example make an arabic title block or write an arabic note without using an intermediate program

      it seems that i can write arabic letters but they appear disconnected

      can anyone help


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          JOHN GEORGE



          I think you can do this with the proper font installed in your computer.

          Change the annotation font and it should work


          Below is an example with the font (please excuse me if the translation is not correct, used google translator)


          Are you looking for something similar to this?



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              Hijazi Wissam

              thank you John but this i already knew the problem is that the letters you wrote are not attached as they should be in arabic language they are written each letter appart so they dont form words what i want is if there a way to attach them together since i searched on the net for arabic fonts for solidworks and i came back with nothing


              are you saying that maybe i should download some arabic fonts other then those exsting in windows sincs SW uses them like Autocad for example?



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              Zidan Dallah

              you have to use a program like coreldraw to use the arabic fonts, then save the picture as a .dfx file then insert it in solidworks as a sketsh.