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    rename a Solidworks part file name

    Andy Kuang


      Can someone tell me how to you rename a Solidworks part file name?

      I am using “SolidWorks Explorer” to rename Solidworks part file name so I can maintain all the Solidworks internal link. But it takes too much time. Sometimes I need more than 10 minutes to rename one part. Can someone have better solutions?



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          Glenn Schroeder

          I'm not sure why it's taking that long.  You might check your Options settings in SolidWorks Explorer.  And if you don't have the parts saved in the same folder as the drawings or assemblies that reference them it will probably take SW longer to find them for the Rename process.


          There is another way, but I don't know if it will be faster.  In Windows Explorer, right-click on the part and choose SolidWorks > Rename.



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              Ian Worrall

              I had to do this yesterday, and can also recommend using the Windows operation Glenn posted.


              Each time you rename a part, SW?Windows Explorer will wibble through ALL folders that you've told it contain SW parts, to check which ones use the original part, and will need updating to point to your new part name.


              Also, if your parts are held on a network server, and/or are used in multiple assemblies, that can have significant impact on the time taken to rename each one.

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                  Andy Kuang

                  Thanks Glenn and Ian.


                  I was too busy last week.


                  Thanks Glenn for your suggestion to rename a solidworks file. It saves me lot of time to find the file that I need to rename. When I use Solidworks explorer to fine a file, it takes me age to find it.

                  But when I need to rename a Solidwork file in this way, it still need that much time to do it. Because all our files are stored in a network driver. And our file structure is a bit complicate. I have to set the Solidworks explorer search path to our root drive, some files I am not even know where do they store.


                  I have used Inventor Vault for a little while, and I remember used Inventor Vault to rename a part file was lots quicker that use Solidworks explorer. I hope the Solidworks employee can have a look at my case.