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How can .SLDASM become a Library/toolbox item ... and also not be visible in vault?

Question asked by Steve Coray on Jul 11, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by Alexandra P. Spaulding

First off, I inherited this work station and network file structure from a departed designer (a few months back). In addition I am fairly new to solidworks in terms of creating models and producing Mfg dwg sets. 


I have attached some screenshots to try  help illustrate some issues.


1.  How would a major assy model(Row 1_03.SLDASM  become a library part?   This wreeks havoc when working on Dwg set and trying to save and check back in  (can not put library tool box items into the vault?).   A better question is how to get the assy and all children out of library/toolbox ?  I believe I have run sldsetdocprop.exe some time ago, but I am not sure that did anything...  and now thinking about it,  I don't think I figured out how to run that on a file that is tied up in the pdm1/<name> My Vault? It certainly runs fine on files in the local SW Working Folder.


2.  How can the status icon in frontof Row 1_03.SLDASM show the document does not exist in the vault, when it is clearly down under the Bag Retrofit, Row 1 Folder?  Does it need to reside in the same Parent folder ... is that the problem? 


This is part of a bigger problem that a few sheets in the Row 1_03 5-30-13. SLDDRW do not represent the latest model Row1_03.SLDASM.  


You think you are confused !    any help or suggestions to provide more info is much appreciated,


thank you!



sw tool box issue.jpg