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Parts disappearing

Question asked by Dean Baragar on Jul 11, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2013 by Dean Baragar


   I have been having a problem recently.  When I open up a model, I get several error messages stating " Another file named "XXXXXXXXXXXX" is already opened. Would you like to open this file".  This error makes no sense, because it is the first model of the day that I open.  Also, if I search our network for parts with the file name, there is only one copy.  It is not always toolbox parts either, which I know is a different problem.

   The other thing that happens, is SW will suppress certain parts in my assembly for no apparent reason.  When I hover over the part it says "Solidworks cannot find this file location", but I right click and Unsuppress with no problems.

   The worst thing to happen though, is I opened up an assembly, and there are absolutely no parts in the feature tree.  This subassembly is in my model, and shows up in the tree, but there are no parts inside it.  How is this even possible? I'm pretty sure they haven't been deleted, because I've used that model recently and it worked correctly, and the file hasn't been updated since before then.

   None of this seemed to happen before May or June of this year, but its getting more and more frequent. Anyone else having similar problems or am I doing something wrong? All 4 computers in our office seem to have the same issues.