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New to circuitworks - quick start assy wont display

Question asked by Jonathan McMichael on Jul 11, 2013

Hi All,


New to circuitworks here and I was trolling through the quick start and so far everything was going ok until it came to the assembly. I got to te build model step and it generated the 50 components and what not and then it brings up the model window and appears to do nothing. I looked on the tree and found the circuit works icon so I clicked that and then I got this Orientation message. But Only the cellphone assembly and 3 planes origin and mates appear in the tree as usual, and the cellphone assy is not visible nor present in the model. It is definitely not in there. The message asks you to click the top face of the board component but there is no board. Clicking on continue doesn't do jack it just repeats the message and clicking cancel makes it go away but the busy icon stays on spins on the circuit works tab in the tree.


I would add that I'm using this in 2011 as I am still using 2011 as opposed to 2012 due to Routing crash issues in 2012. But when I fire this thing up in 2012, no problems. Any thoughts on getting this to work in 2011 oh SWX brethren?