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Default Density Setting

Question asked by Graham Wells on Jul 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2013 by Graham Wells

Hi All,


When I insert any toolbox item into an assembly, whether direct from toolbox or using smart fasteners, the resulting components density is set at a default of 1000 kg/m³.


While SW is brilliant at calculating the masses in the resulting BOM's, they are the incorrect values as I work 99.95% of the time with steels @ 7850 kg/m³. Some might argue it does not make a huge difference but at times, certain assemblies I create can have several hundred kg's of fasteners which can throw my inertia calculations out the window.


I have yet to see any fasteners made out of H20 or light mayonaise which are two other substances that have a 1000 kg/m³ density. That would be interesting though as well as tasty.


So, my question is, without me manually having to change read only properties on the files, or use the reload function via SW and uncheck the read only value on the component, and then manually having to set the density via Plain Carbon Steel in my Materials list, and then having to save all changes, and then having to return to my browser and set my file properties to read only, is there a default density setting somewhere that I can assign to every component I add in from my Toolbox?


Your assistance on the matter is greatly appreciated.


Thank you.




South Africa