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    Solidworks Remote Access

    James Biggs

      So my colleague and I have been working off of our hard drives at home.  Uploading the new files to the server when we get back in the office. Well lately, we have been writing over each other on occasion. We need for that to stop.


      We have a main company server,  (with a fiber connection from the internet company)  Then in our office we have a NAS server (that works amazing), with 2Gbps  connection.  its link aggregated all the way from the NAS to the switch to the main server, and then fiber out.    its also a 12 drive raid 10 server.  i have  the second fastest internet connection the road runner offers. (one step down from fiber ) at my home. my colleauge also has cable internet, but not sure the speed. 



      So even with that amount of bandwidth, it seems that it would be  to slow to work from  the files directly remotely.  thats just based off of a download of files via a remote terminal setup (not a vpn or Ftp) our assemblies are only 10-20mb each, but there is about 30 parts in each one, ranging from 1-40mb.  it adds up... i used DU meter last month and JUST my pc logged over 600GB of data transfer, and that was one way.


      We currently do not use the PDM at all.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on ways to improve this situation and make remote work more efficient?