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    Network Issues?

    Whit Smith

      I have something crazy going on with my Solidworks and suspect that it has something to do with the network.  Its a long story but bear with me and hopefully someone can figure this out because as of right now i dont know what to do.


      First off my computer specs are as follows: Dell M6300 Nvidia Quadro FX1600M 8G Ram SW2013 SP2.0 Windows 7.  Our PDM vault is located at our main building and we have to link in through a VPN connection.  Also the SW license files are on that same server so our floating license has to be pulled from there as well.  There are only 2 people on this VPN.  Me and another user.


      When i open SW the first thing I do is go to my Add Ins menu so I can select the PDM Vault.  Opening this menu takes some time to do.  Sometimes as long as 20 seconds.  When opening files from my hard drive, even small files, it takes a long time to completely load.  Modeling a part is not that bad.  Working with assemblies takes some time as well.  For example, I was working on an assembly, maybe 50 parts, I had to mate some screws to some washers, it took SW about 2-3 minutes to mate these parts together. I have all of my settings that I could find set to max performance as well.  It is performance issues like this that has been happeneing for quite some time now.  Not only that, the other SW user here has a desktop, unknown specs but probably about the same as my M6300, maybe better.  His SW is doing the exact same thing as mine, but his is crashing, constantly.


      Now for the crazy stuff.  I can check out a SW license and completely disconnect from the network.  No internet, nothing.  Just like I would if I was out away from this building.  Nothing changes as far as performance goes.  It still acts exactly the same.  Here is where it gets interesting.  A few weeks ago me and the other SW user had to go to our main building and work for a few days.  I took my laptop, he used a loaner one they had there.  When I get there, I plug into the network, start up SW, and my system runs faster.  By faster I mean there are no performance issues at all.  All the problems that I had before are all gone and nothing i worked on seemed to slow it down.  Just like how it should be all the time.


      When I get to our old building the computer goes back to its same old ways.  All the problems i had before are back.  Another interesting thing is that the other user with the desktop got his system swapped out from the desktop to the M6400 that he was using at the main building.  His M6400 was running flawlessly at the main building like mine did.  Now that it is here at our old building, it is acting the same as my laptop.  Even working off the network the problems are the same on both machines.  I even had our IT guy install a license on my machine instead of a floating license just to see if that would resolve my issues.  Still the same. 


      Sorry for the long post and if I confused anyone.  I am confused myself and have no idea what could be causing these issues.  IMO with the license key on my machine and working off my hard drive SW should perform the same everywhere I go.

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          Jerry Steiger





          You should contact your VAR about your problems. I don't think that they can actually help much, as I doubt that they can reproduce the problem, but SolidWorks should know about it.


          Jerry S.

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            Ian Worrall

            I suspect your IT dept. have either cheaped out on the connection between buildings, or the VPN software they installed is flaky.

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              Alan Sweetenham

              I think the fact thats its a network license may be a red herring if a borrowed license on a laptop disconnected from the network gives the same behaviour. I Can't say i have come across this issue before but i would first try and narrow down the problem when i have such a strange problem. On occasion i've narrowed it down to bizarre things specific to a companies set up.


              1. Try removing all references to the network from your file locations Tools -> Options -> File Locations. Also is your holewizard/ toolbox local or network based? (try copying it local jsut as a test)


              2. Turn off all add ins one by one and try restarting solidworks to test each time.


              3. Another possible test would be  resetting your current user registry which controls all settings.  (your VAR can help with this)


              4. Try a new user profile on the system (might need your IT bods to help with that)


              5. Is there any other software installed/ running on your machine that may cause the slowdown e.g. anti virus/spyware. 






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                Whit Smith

                Just an update but after having the licenese installed on my machine I went ahead and reinstalled SW.  I really haven't had much to work on to test it out but initially it seems to be performing better.  I haven't had a chance to do a reinstall on the other users machine either so I am unsire if it will fix his problem as well.  As far as our VPN software goes, I think its just a windows VPN network.  I dont think there is any separate software for it.

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                  Whit Smith

                  I have another update.  After working on a simple part earlier today I found that nothing has changed as far as performance goes.  Even with the reinstall and a standalone license.  I did find out that I am getting a newer system so maybe that one wont suffer from the same problem.  i would still like to resolve this one though because the othe SW user is in the same situation that I am in except he has a new system.  I will keep trying different things and see what happens with his machine when he gets backs in the office.

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                    Whit Smith

                    I had my system replaced yesterday with an HP Elitebook 8760w.  So far I havent had any issues with this system like I did with my Dell M6300.  So I guess my problem is resolved.