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    Student version

    Jason Bryant

      So I have a question,


      Can I post models created with the student version to a online portfolio I am creating? I have not and will not be using the student version for doing paid work but I need to post sample of work I have done to try and get a job in the industry.

      What are my limitations in using the software and models created with it for searching for work?




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          Jeff Holliday

          My understanding is that the files will be "watermarked" somehow to show that they have been created with a student version. I have never actually tried it.

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            Justin Waller

            I think Jeff is right about the mark but I think either way I would contact your VAR just to get a double check on the rules

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              Joe Kuzich

              You certainly should be able to use SW student version to post work on your portfolio.  The purpose of it is to learn the software and get a job using full versions so they can keep selling full versions. 


              I'm not sure what SW student version does, but AutoDesk products do mark all prints, pdf's & other images.  This can be photo shopped out for portfolios and presentations.  It is additional steps and is a bit of an annoyance but at least its possible. 


              I had given architectural presentation in school leaving it in and got a lot of negative feedback.  Although people claimed to understand I was using student versions of the software, that was a distraction from my work that they focused on.