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Training Others to Use PDM

Question asked by Katie Hughes on Jul 10, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2013 by Katie Hughes

This isn't a technical question, but since there are a lot of smart people out there, I thought I would ask.


Does anyone have suggestions as to how to teach PDM to those who don't/won't use it that often?  We have been using PDM in our engineering department for over a year now.  We are ready to branch it out to other departments and have them start approving/changing/rejecting files.  We are also starting to hire more people into our engineering department.  The new hires in engineering may need to know more than other departments, but not as much as say an admin.


Has anyone been in this situation before?  What techniques did you use to teach others in the company?  Or if you haven't been in this situation before, do you have any suggestions as to what you might do?  What is the best way to teach new users about PDM and what they need to know in order to complete different tasks?