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New guy, Old(I'm sure) questions.

Question asked by Shaun Johnson on Jul 10, 2013

So, I've just been informed that I'm being given a new title - 'Data Management Specialist' - and theoretically a pay raise come review time in a few months. Yay me. I'm transitioning from Product Designer for a medium sized manufacturing company, to managing all of our Engineering data. Part of that is specifying and implementing a PDM system. Plenty more questions on that will come, trust me.


This post, though, is much more basic in nature. The aforementioned 'Data Management Specialist' title seems......made up, to me. My question is this; Based on the scant description of responsibilities that I have given, is there an appopriate industry title that the community feels fits? I hope to be able to use the answer to be prepared at the negotiation table when it comes time for that.


Thank you very much, in advance, for your help.