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inconsistent radius/diameter designation in table

Question asked by Don Eva on Jul 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2013 by Don Eva

SW 2011 SP 3.0


I have a design table with 19 configurations.  While I had configuration number 15 active, I changed the "display as" option for a circle to "radius".  I need to be able to pull this radius number out of the table for another purpose.


When I open the table, all the other configurations show the radius number correctly, except for number 15, which still shows the diameter.  When in the model, it shows correctly as a radius - only incorrect in the table, and only that one configuration.


I've done rebuilds with each of the configurations active, I've shut down & reopened the file and SW.  I've deleted all the values in that column and let it repopulate.  No change.


Looks like somehow the table is holding the "display as" options separately for each configuration, and won't update that particular one.


Any thoughts?