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Missing diagnosis- and adviser-tools

Question asked by Wolfgang Grzesik on Jul 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2013 by Wolfgang Grzesik

Hello, somehow all of the diagnosis and adviser-tools are missing in my installation of SW13. I actually even did reinstall it completely but it didnt help


For example when it comes to simulation: The study adviser- tool (wich is on the same drop down menue as new study) doesnt work. All that happens is that a plain window on the right side appears wich is completely empty. This is similar to all adviser-tools wich are implemented in my installation of SW13.


Another point when it comes to meshing: I do mesh a complex geometry, it tells me that there was an error when trying to mesh a specific area and i should use the failure diagnosis tool. Trying to open it a plain window on the right side appears without any content. There are just some numbers like 1-5 but no letters at all.


Thanks for the help, by now i just dont know how i could fix this.


With special greetings