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Define loads on reference geometry

Question asked by Wolfgang Grzesik on Jul 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2013 by Jared Conway

Hello, I'd like to ask how i can define loads on specific reference geometry in SW 13. Actually i want to put loads on a glass plate in specific regions (circles) to simulate the loading with stamps. By now i did find the reference geometry function, but couldnt use the sketch i made upon it in the simulation. I did add a cut out picture of the model where you can see the circle, where the area load should be added on.


Furthermore id like to know how i can define the number of elements within a height of a flat geometry wich is 0,2 mm thick. Lets say i want to have two elements within its height.


And the third and last question: In the simulation results i want to make a cut in the laminate-geometry wich is parallel to the top glass area and can be moved in several coordinates but mainly to vary it within the z-coordinate to look on the strain and stress in different layers of the laminate.


Thanks for the replies. I kinda like this software, even if the simulation part by now looks easy for me, but sometimes its lacking the right possibilities to set things up on the right place.


With special greetings