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    Screen size changes when opening file

    Andy Joyce

      When I open a SW file by double clicking, my screen size shrinks. I realize this is not a new or unusual issue for SW Premium 2013x64 SPO.0 (which is what I am using) and since been fixed for later editions. However, I was wondering has found a way to fix the problem without updating to a newer version.


      Thanks for the help 

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Welcome to the forum.  There is no way to fix it without updating to the latest service pack.  I'm in the same boat that you probably are;  we're off subscription so I can't update.  If you're working with two monitors, and have SW open on one of them and Windows Explorer open on the other, instead of double-clicking to open a file you can click on it in Windows Explorer and drag and drop it to your SW graphics area on the other monitor.  It won't change the screen size if open it that way.