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    Unable to locate the file.. Would you like to find it yourself?

    Paul Beadles

      Recently, some of the files that are located on the network drive that our technology department shares, were moved around. After that, whenever I try to lauch one of the CADD files that was created using Solidworks, I get an error. The odd thing is, that the file does open up despite the error(see picture below).



      Then a dialogue box pops us saying, "Unable to loacted the file C:\Documents and Settings\gwirsig\Desktop\Swivel arm.SLDPRT. Would you like to find it yourself?


      I then proceed and hit yes, and navigate to the network folder where the file is located. Which gives me the following error(see picture):



      So I hit, OK, and cancel out....which then makes my file get ruined(see picture below):



      I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, as well as deleted the Appdata. I find it odd that it appears to be pointing to an XP file location(Documents and Settings) even though I am using a Windows 7 and Windows 8 machine.


      If you can offer an assistance please let me know