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    PDM for Students

    Dan Podzimek

      Are there any cloud based PDM options for students?


      I'm the Engineering Drafting & Design Program Chair for a college that uses SolidWorks and Creo (Yeah, I know). We teach SolidWorks for three quarters then Creo for three quarters. We would like to be able to offer PDM experience to our students after they know how to manage files manually. First quarter we manage files completely manually or with the Pack and Go for assemblies. Second quarter we introduce SolidWorks Explorer. Third quarter it would be nice to use a PDM package but we don't want to go through all the work and expense of implementation.


      PTC is offering a Windchill in the Cloud program for education where we can use the Windchill PLM program and not have to host anything. We would have our own space on a server somewhere that our students could use to manage all their files and we don't have to bother our IT dept with a new PDM server.


      Since we use SolidWorks for the first three quarters, it would be nice to find an option meant for SolidWorks even though I've been told that Windchill will manage those files as well.


      Thanks for your help.

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          Patrick O'Hern

          You might check out http://www.flatterfiles.com/


          They did a demo at one of our user group meetings, and it looked really interesting.  I haven't used them myself, but it might be worth checking out.  It looks like they have a free trial you can test out.

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            Kip Speck



            Glad you asked, we do have a Cloud based solution for SolidWorks EPDM, we would be very happy to discuss your needs.


            The nice thing about us is that we use SolidWorks EPDM, and we have a full feature Web Interface that has a mobile option.  This gives your students a real world experience with the actual products.


            Please contact us at your earliest convenience, I would also like to help with your syllabus and user training with SolidWprks EPDM.




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