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    EPDM custom properties linked to model dimensions

    Cory Yasgar

      New to EPDM.  In the past we had custom properties for SIZE and THICKNESS that were manually linked to dimensions in our parts.  This was done by going to the standard custom properties (file -> properties), double clicking in the text field and then clicking on the dimension in the model.  If the dimension was updated this custom property would update as well.  Now we have created data cards and are trying to replicate the same thing from the data card.  Is this possible?

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          Jeremy Feist

          first, EPDM does not have custom properties, it has variables. which is what is in the data card. the variables you have in your data card can/should be "mapped" to the custom properties in the files.

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            David Bertrand

            Sounds like you need to get together with your EPDM admin and walk thru all the properties you need mapped to get all information to your parts and drawings. from there you create the variables (as jeremy has said) and map the properties so that your data cards will push the information down to the related SW files. Your EPDM admin should know how to go thru all the mapping and setting up of the EPDM vault.

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                Cory Yasgar

                Thanks for the replies Jeremy and David. I don't think I was quite clear enough with my inquiry.


                I understand how to link custom properties in Solidworks with variables in EPDM. That is working correctly. I can update variables on my data card and that is pushed to the custom properties in Solidworks. Inversely - I can go to file->properties in Solidworks, update my custom properties and have that push to the variables in EPDM.


                What I am trying to replicate is something we did prior to EPDM. When we would draw a part in Solidworks one of the custom properties we had was "Size". This was the overall width and length of the part. Instead of typing this in we would link each to a dimension in the model by clicking in the entry area for the custom property and then clicking on the dimension we want to link to.  That way if we added an inch to the part, the custom property would update accordingly. These custom properties are used to create a cut list for our hand cut components.


                If I enter the "size" custom property in the same manner (Solidworks -> file -> custom property) while utilizing the EPDM vault that info will push to the EPDM variable. If instead of utilizing the standard custom properties form, I view my EPDM data card through Solidworks (EPDM add-in menu) I am not able to link to a dimension in the same manner. If I click on the "size" field on the EPDM data card and then attempt to select the dimension (to create a link), nothing happens. 


                Hopefully this makes more sense. If not i can upload some screen shots to help clarify.

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                    Arto Kvick

                    You can still do as you have used to do it. The PDM data card does not pick up those dimensions, but the data card may have Size -field that reads the info inputted on the properties inside SolidWorks....


                    That would be awesome feature in datacard for it to "listen" what user is clicking and would link the value of a dimension to a field in card.


                    I know a lot of third party custom property programs that are able to do this... the smart ones can make size linking to different profiles for example... select tube and it will ask for Diameter, wall thickness and Lenght.. add them together to one "Dimension" property DxSxL for example...