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SolidWorks "Publish to eDrawings" does not work.

Question asked by Brian Atnip on Jul 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2013 by Dony Juniar Abdullah

We as a company, are having an issue with creating eDrawings manually from SolidWorks.

File->Publish to eDrawings.

The dialog comes up to select configurations if using an assembly with configurations.

Select the configuration(s) to save to eDrawings, hit OK and thats it. eDrawings doesn't open to show you the file or select where to save it to & no file is created.

However, using the save-as -> .easm or .edrw works.

We don't typically have to do this manually because we have a task in EPDM set up to create these for us upon release of any drawings or assemblies. It is when our virtual machine is down that others have to create eDrawings manually.


SolidWorks 2013

Enterprise PDM 2013

Windows 7 x64


Is this a known issue with SW 2013 or a setting in SW or eDrawings?