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    No appreciation from Solidworks!

    Patrick Walls

      So, I found a web site selling illigal copies of Solidworks for nothing, $63.00 for 2011 version, $100.00 for 2012, and $113.00 FOR 2013 version, quite a savings over the regular price as these were all premium editions. They even mentioned they had sold over 150 copies, WOW, that's a lot of money out of Soildworks pocket, wouldn't you say? Over $700,000.00 in lost revenue if a person had paid Solidworks for these licenses, right? You think Solidworks would show a little appreciation to someone telling them about this? Maybe a discount on their software? Something? I mean I am in the process of saving for Solidworks Standard edition right now but after the letter I received from Solidworks I have decided I will be buying Rhino instead. It's not what I want but it's what I can afford and after I just helped Solidworks shutdown someone who was selling their software illegally and I don't even get a thank you from them. I"ve just deleted all things Solidworks from my computer and that's it for me. I will buy MastercamArt for my gcode. I have looked at prices online for what I want to make and I can buy 5,000 copies (at least) of gcode for what I want to make for the price of an ungratefull companies software. I just want to make guitars, not invent them and I can buy all the code I want for the price of the software.

      So long Solidworks


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          Joe Kuzich

          Sorry to hear that.  I'm surprised they didn't even say thank you.  If it was me I wouldn't expect them to comp me but I certainly would expect some type of appreciation, a simple thank you.  In all reality I doubt that those who bought the pirate copies would have bought the real ones, but some may have.  I have seen a lot of pirating.  Even at $150 the student versions are often out of reach to many people just trying to learn the software. 

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              Jeff Holliday

              Patrick - I understand that a thankyou would be nice, but I don't even want to think about the time involved in doing this for all reported instances. Also, I highly doubt that SW is not aware of the majority of these sites/offers. I received about 4 offers over the past month from people selling supposedly legal copies of SW. It is expensive to buy SW or similar software. As you are aware, there are possible alternates - the benefits have to be compared as to whether the features available will do what you need.


              Joe - $150 for student versions are possibly out of reach for students but I am sure there are textbooks that may cost as much. It would be wonderful if education costs could be drastically reduced, but who pays for the savings - probably taxes or grants. We all pay the taxes and we have likely paid for services somewhere that have allowed businesses or individuals to provide grants/scholarships/etc to be given.

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                  Joe Kuzich



                  I agree with you and don't mean to condone pirating by any means.  The more I learn SW the more I like it and think it would be great to get it in the hands of as many students as possible.  Even though I prefer Autodesks approach to student versions I don't mean to condemn SW for theirs either.


                  There certainly are text books that cost that, way too many in fact.  I have also seen more than a few books scanned or copied for the same reason.  Educational cost should be reduced drastically, in almost all areas and for many reasons.  I will go way off topic in this area way too fast. 


                  Autodesk grants students free temporary copies to students, while they are students.  This gets the future professionals comfortable with their software and when they are the ones buying the software at their company they are much more likely to buy what they know.  It's a marketing approach that benefits all parties.  Every company has their own marketing and sales approaches, rightfully so.  SW approach must work well for them and that's great.  I have noticed that in the school environment a number of years ago I saw a lot of pirated AutoCAD before they came up with this program.  Now I don't see any.  I do see a lot of other software being pirated though. 


                  As for responding with a simple thank you, I am surprised there wasn't even a auto-response thank you.  Assuming thee wasn't from the original post.  A little auto response to the effect of 'thank you for help bringing this situation to our attention, due to the high volume of reports we receive we are unable to thank everyone individually but we do appreciate your time and help.'  Write it one time.  Heck get a little sappy with it and talk about how help like theirs helps SW keep their cost down so they don't have to raise the price on the software to legit buyers.  Sure it's not personal but it's better than a cold shoulder.

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                John Burrill

                Wow, man, big font.

                Disheartening as it may be to have a gesture of goodwill go unrequited, there are a few factors of-which you should be made aware.

                First, you are not the first one or even one of a few to tip off SolidWorks about someone selling cracked copies.  I've sent emails advising both Autodesk and SolidWorks of crack-houses selling bootleg versions of their software and when I talked to them, they told me that there are so many of these operating in countries without treaty protections for intellectual property that most of the time, there is literally nothing they can do to stop the practice.

                When software companies go after pirates, they're looking for sharing sites with US-based operations and businesses that are violating the license agreements by hosting the software in a terminal-server configuration or abusing home-use configurations.  In those cases, they usually give the companies a choice of gettting sued or paying retail for the licenses-which is quite a bit higher than the regular price and dealers get commission on these sales.  If you were instrumental as a whistle blower in recovering revenue for SolidWorks you might be able to negotiate with a dealer for a discount.

                Finally, your consideration for purchasing a CAD package should be based on more factors than price.  You need to look at it as a long term investment and a partnership with the vendor because the software you use is going to shape your approach to designing, documenting and revising your products.  You should also consider what software people in your industry are using to exchange files.  There are a lot of CAD packages capapble of producing a 3D model and detail drawings of a guitar and many of them include CAM tools and cost a lot less than SolidWorks.  Where purchase price balances out for CAD software is in engineering time.  Yes, you can make a  guitar model in Rhino for a fifth of the purchase price of SolidWorks professional.  You can even create some geometry in Rhino more effectively and efficiently then you can in SolidWorks which is why a lot of people use both.  But if you haven't figured the cost of having to delete and recreate geometry instead of changing it parametrically or of manually calcuating a BOM or flattening sheet metal or any of the other processes that SolidWorks simplifies and automates, then you haven't accurately computed your return on investment.

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                  Christian Chu

                  It's good thing you notified the SW for these illegal copies, if not, soon or later, the FBI would knock the door and get these guys.  These guys hurt the software companies badly and their employees too. If I know, I'd do the same as you did with expect nothing  in returns.

                  No offend but what do you really expect from the SW?