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    need help with school assignment

    Adrian Grzybianek

      Hello, I'm tyring to do an assignment for a my solidworks course. I have no idea how to get started to draw these....can someone please help me? I can't figure out dimensions of everything. (This is my first try at doing an exercise like this) a step by step help or a sldprt file with the lines drawn would greately be appreciated! Thank you!!!


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          Atindra Singh

          Hi Adrian,

          Select the desired plane on which you want to create the sketch.

          Then Select line, arc and spline to draw the sketch as it is shown in image.

          Then Provide dimensions by using ordinate Dimension from Smart dimension drop down menu.

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            Peter Ham

            If I was given that task I would complain about the quality of the diagram in the question.


            I started by drawing the baseline, horizontal and co-incident with the origin.

            Put in the centreline on the left hand side at .342 (assumed inches) above the baseline, horizontal constraint.

            Dimension end of centreline to X:-3.859

            Insert a point and dimension at X:-2.643 Y:0.234

            Draw a straight line between centreline and point (Assume that line is straight not curved)

            Insert point at X:0.154 Y:0.120


            Basically, you can attempt to build up the sketch using lines and points and a lot of assumptions.


            The original diagram has sections which are ambiguous as to whether they are curves or multiple straight lines, or a combination of both.


            You may be able to sketch something close, but if it has to be geometrically exact... well good luck with that.

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              Josh Brady

              If you need help completing a school assignment, your best resource is your professor/teacher.  That is what they are paid for.  If this is an assignment for credit, it is cheating to ask about it here.