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Toggling Mate Configurations

Question asked by Steven Kiley on Jul 5, 2013
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Hello everyone,


Today I am working on some improvements to a machine we've designed at my company. I want to use two mates to keep a bolt linked to a part between the part's two configurations. It is a leaf-spring component, and one mate needs to be coincident between the flat surface and the under surface of the head of the bolt. In the part's curved configuration, the mate needs to be tangent between the under surface of the bolt head, and the curved surface of the part.


I'm not too familiar with configuring mates and basically I want to know if this is possible:


If Part1=Config1 than mate=coincident

If Part1=Config2 than mate=tangent


Basically I want to toggle suppression between the tangent and coincident mates using the configuration of the part.


Thanks in advance for the help,