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Revision Control Mess

Question asked by Alan Coons on Jul 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2013 by Kip Speck

I am about 5 weeks old into using SolidWorks and have fallen into a good opportunity for organizing an existing file structure and establishing a workflow standard moving forward for the company.  To capture the current situation the following is what I am dealing with:


1. The company utilizes a numerical six digit part number/file name to designate assemblies, purchased parts and fabricated items.


2. Drawing file name structure, both AutoCad and SolidWorks where file structure is a mixed bag.  Most of the file names do not designate file revision but, some use alpha, some use numeric and some use alpha with a "rev" prefix.(111111reva.sldprt)


3. I am in the process of justifying the need for integrating PDM into the organization, and need to better understand how PDM is integrated into a company that already has a significant number of files without the drawing control that PDM will eventually give us.




1. Is much preparation required in organizing the current structure for the integration of PDM?

2. When drawings, parts or files are revised in PDM does the filename denote the revision and can a "rev" prefix be denoted? I have to ask this question, because our current borders are using the filename to autofill the part number field.


Thanks so much for your replies and I am sure there will be more questions.