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    help with visual studio 2008

    Jade Carolus

      im designing a program that automatically sorts players rankings however finding it extremely hard and barely know where to begin, im fairly new at programming but here is what i want to do.....


      basically i have 4 columns "games played", "games won", "games lost" and " average scoring percentage calculated by games won / games played * 100.

      ive managed to do that but im using labels and textboxes as its easier, the problem im having though is to somehow tranfer the data entered in these textboxes and labels into a listbox or listview "whichever is better" and automatically sort it as to which player will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc


      note!!!!. if player 1 played played 10 games and won 7 and player 2 played 2 and won both player 2 cant be 1st as player 1 played more


      heres where im stuck


      can you please help?


      kind regards


      eg of my coding is...


      dim num as integer

      dimnum 2 as integer

      txt1.text= num 'games played

      txt2.text= num2 ' games won

      label1.text = (num2 / num * 100) ' average

      label2.text = (num1 - num2) ' games lost


      average and games lost is calculated automatically then sorted whilst the rest is entered manually


      also how do i save this info so that i can access it again with all the info still in the program after closing it... i tried streamreaders and streamwriters but do not know how to save or retrieve the dat again...