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    Computer Setup

    Ben Gordon

      Hi, I am looking to build a custom setup for a client of mine specifically for the use of Soildworks.

      I would be interested to know users opinions on what might be the best setup to build as I have no knowlege of this program.


      Ive looked at the system requirements on the website but would like a bit more detailed information please.

      If anyone has any helpful tips on things they would reccomend on a new build would be appreicated.



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          Anna Wood

          Read this thread....




          You will want to look at the new Haswell Intel cpu's that were just released this June for your cpu.


          You need to  ask you client is what do they do with SolidWorks.  Core SolidWorks, large assemblies, feature rich parts, rendering or FEA?


          You will want a professional Quadro or FirePro graphics card, not a gamer card.


          Post what you plan to purchase before you do so we can critique.





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              Ben Gordon

              Brilliant thanks for this. I thought this information would be out there but was looking in the wrong place to find it.


              My client is in his words "just mucking round".

              I plan to build him a system not only capable of running Soildworks but anything else that he may want to run in the future.


              Not doing huge renders or assemblies mainly engineering components. He said just basic stuff.


              Initial thoughts are

              SSD drive for the main drive with a standard drive as storage/backup.

              Intel I7 CPU

              8 or 16 Gb Ram depending on what the budget will allow

              Still looking into graphics cards at the moment comparing price vs performance (and budget)

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                  Jerry Steiger



                  The Administration forum has the best information on hardware. There is a very good thread there started by Charles Culp on graphics card performance. Unless your client is heavily into appearances, like an Industrial Designer, it doesn't make sense to go with anything more than the FirePro V4900.


                  Jerry S.