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    Redrawing feature slows down workflow

    Linuxson Kent



      I use SW2013, and have come across this nagging effect multiple times while busy designing high detailed models. Whenever I have a model with lots of detailed features, and I accidently select one of these in either the view plane or left hierarchy panel, it first redraws the outlines of any and all features in the model. This is REALLY frustrating, as it takes long before I am actually able to move/scale/rotate my view or model, or even carry on with anything. Is there any way in which I can disable this feature? I have attached a pic of the dreaded orange lines which give me so much grief

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          Anna Wood

          Try toggling OFF.....


          System Options > Display/Selection > Dynamic highlight from graphics view


          Also may want to check, on the same tab, that Selection of hidden edges > Allow selection in HLR and shaded modes is OFF.





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            Kurt Petersen

            I have the same problem. It is extremely irritating, it could be I am wrong, but I never noticed prior to 2013. Any changes with this release?


            I don't know of a real fix for it but my VAR specialist suggested NOT having the shaded with edges setting but only the shaded.  It does seem to help some but not really acceptable, IMHO.  She also thought that a supported graphic card would fix it, but that is not an option until it is time for a new machine.

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              Leah Trahan

              I had the same crazy issue and I found something that is at least working for me.  Hopefully others might have the same luck. Go to the Tools menu and click on Options. Click on FeatureManager and turn off Dynamic highlight.  Boom.

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                  Richard Wagenaar

                  Has this problem been fixed in SW2014?

                  No highlighting causes many unnessesary misclicks and slowdowns.


                  Back in SW2005 there was dynamic highlighting in large assembly mode.

                  It worked very fast and saved a lot of missclickcs and time.

                  You could even configure large assembly mode to set dynamic highlight

                  on or off.


                  Suddenly it didn't work anymore and they never fixed it.

                  It was one of the most missing functionalities in large assembly design for us.

                  All other large assembly tools have been quite useless for us.

                  Large assembly mode got much slower because of all the missclicks that

                  no highlighting caused.


                  Problems with highlighting and visability seem to have very low priority in Solidworks.

                  Other CAD programs don't have problems with this.  (Solid Edge and Inventor)

                  I wonder why they don't see the regressions concerning proper highlighting,

                  it is all about "3D experience"? 

                  So why not highlighting if this gives a better "3D experience".