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    space explorer stutters in assembly's

    Jan Van Leeuwen

      Who can help me with the following?

      Since a couple months my space explorer mouse movements sort of interrupt as soon as I slightly move a pointer or pen with the other hand. It appears like that the PC can not multi-task anymore...

      I contacted our local 3dconnexion support and they advised to install the latest driver 6.17.4. However this didn't solve the problem. I am running SW2013 SP3.0 but also in 2011 this stuttering happens. It is very annoying and has never been the case for years!

      In SW 2008 however it still works fine and smooth!

      I really have no idea where to look. Is it Win 7, is it the 3d mouse, is it the SW software, is it the add-in, is it a parameter setting....??

      Any help is appreciated.