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Generate report to display open ECNs

Question asked by Udayan Sengupta on Jul 4, 2013

Hi All,


Client has the following request :


Is there a way to run a report in EPDM to see what ECNs are open and who owns them?


This request got raised as the user required a spreadsheet of all open ECNs with their corresponding creators.


Till now, one can get a list of all ECNs created by the user by the following method : -

  1. Go to the ECN directory in EPDM. Then go under Tools / EPDM Searches / Complete Search.
  2. When the search window appears, select 'Datacard' tab, next fill-in second name in 'Created by' field and run the search query (Click the Magnifier icon).


Looking up the ReportGenerator.crp included with installation, there is one (DocumentsInWorkflowstate.crp) which lists files in reference to their states in corresponding workflow.



Ex: - ECN Release workflow ~ states ~ [Initiation, Review, Approved 1 of 3, Approved, Implemented, Close]



When an ECN gets created in EPDM, Production_Vault, it gets tagged with the state "Initiation". All I have to do is get the creator's name listed alongwith.


I have worked with MySQL and TOAD; but I'm not versed with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. I'm finding it quite difficult to create the required query.