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Many Repetitive Cavities in Mold

Question asked by Kyle Wright on Jul 3, 2013
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Hey everyone,



I'm not very new to SW but I am new to the mold making realm.

I am able to work through and make a single cavity die for the part i'm attempting to make.

For production, the mold will realistically have as many of these parts as possible in this die.


I've tried using the pattern feature, copy/move and many others to make a many cavity mold but I cant seem to get it.

Like I said, I can get the correct die for one cavity but when I use the pattern feature and others, I cant seem to copy the parting line and do them all at once, just one.


I really would appreciate any help and/or suggestions.


I'll attach the first file with the parts and mold halves (what I want, but many cavities) and also a file with an attempt at many-cavity.


NOTE: I know there is a severe undercut and no draft angles applied. This part is an oddball and wont be PIM. This methodology is whats very important to me since I will be making many high-count cavity die sets.




Thanks in advance,