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Exporting as .dwg with defpoints layer in Solidworks?

Question asked by Christopher Vitela on Jul 3, 2013

Hello everyone,


I was wondering if Solidworks has the capability to save part of a drawing under a defpoints layer or something similar to that while exporting as a .dwg file.  The issue that I am having is that I work for a sign company and we have a vinyl printer.  We are in the process of switching over to solidworks from auotcad, and our printer only reads .dwg files.  I know solidworks can save as a .dwg file, but the drawing on the file needs to have a border that is readable by the printer, but it won't print it.  I know the defpoints layer in autocaed has that capability, and I am wondering if Solidworks has something like that.  Thanks everyone for your help.


Chris V