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I need to make a custom but accurate model orientation

Question asked by Nathan Rollins on Jul 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2013 by Jim Wilkinson

Hi All,


I tried this from SolidWorks Help:


To select a view orientation with Normal To:

With this method, the first face you choose is parallel to the screen and the second face you choose is at the top of the view.

  1.   Hold down Ctrl and select two planar faces. The second planar face cannot be parallel to the first. 
  2. Click Normal To (View Orientation flyout – Heads-up View toolbar).


Its description is exactly what I want, but is does not work for me.  When I click "Normal To", I get the view oriented with the second plane I picked normal to the screen.  I have an assembly that sits on the table at an angle from the modeled horizontal and I need to show it sitting horizontal.


Am I doing something wrong? (yes) Is this a bug? (no) Should this cause me so much grief? (no)  Got any tips for me? (please say yes...)


Thanks a lot...