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Weldment Profiles from design table - Custom Properties vs Configuration Specific

Question asked by Sebastian Acosta on Jul 2, 2013

I have a sketch of a steel section, that is driven by a Design-Table.


I also have a macro that takes each configuration and saves it as a weldment profile (.sldlfp).


This works well for creating a heap of weldment profiles for particular projects.


The problem is that the Design-Table drives Configuration-Specific custom-properties, so when I create a structural-member the cut-list does not have any of the custom-properties.




I tried using $PRP:"custom-property-name" to link the custom-properties to the configuration-specific properties.


But that fails because when used in a structural-member, it inserts the FORMULA, not the RESULT.




So we are opening each file individually, and using copy - paste to transfer the values from the configuration-specific custom-properties, to the custom-properties.




Does anybody know of any code that would automate this process?