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$PRP:"NO_FAN-OUT"  in SW2011 SP5 ????

Question asked by Julian Dowden on Jul 2, 2013

Is there a way to disable the 'Fan-out" function in the "Flatten Route" routine? I know there is not anything in the Property Manage and / or the System Options that controls it…But I am curious if there is a $PRP that could be entered in the file properties…Or maybe in the computer’s system variables?


As an alternative I would also welcome insight into a work-around that would allow manipulation of the “Flattened Route”.  Instinctively I think it would just be a matter of saving all of the route components w/parts internally and dissolving the route assembly within a parent assembly…Thus…Affectively breaking-down the route assembly into useable elements in their original location / orientation.  I use this method to reconstruct route assemblies that were generated in an upper level assembly with a different origin from that of the intended lower level assembly with its own unique origin.  It’s convoluted but it works!  It can save some time if the existing route has several branches and a completed drawing associated with it.

BTW…The only time I go searching for this solution is when I am faced with a part / component that has attached leads / pigtails (batteries, light sockets, meters, digital displays, etc.).  To me it makes more sense to connect with multiple c-points and expose portions of the route wires…As opposed to adding the coupled leads to the component part file and using one c-point at the coupled intersection.  This solution requires conceptualizing all possible lead configurations, creating copious configurations / geometry sets, and then proofing them.   Otherwise an act of congress is required to doctor the thing after it gets released. That tends to influence designers and engineers to create unique parts during design phase simply to avoid the hassle. Inevitably it will fall through the cracks and bite you down the line when another user snags the wrong part and designs around it. 


Cheers all!


Julian ¯±¯