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    Materials - new web source

    Udi Bahat

      It is nice important enhancement.

      1- specific material search is not easy

      2- unfortunately downloading data for ruber - non linear analysis failes.


      anybody have it working?

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          Ashok Thakur

          Yes for me also. Icannot download it. Otherwise this is a good enhancement..

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              Jared Conway

              are we talking about the new feature in 2014? you should open an SR and report any issues you have or discuss it in that forum. beta features also are under NDA during Beta.


              as a side note, we get questions about material properties all the time on technical support. it is best to work with your material manufacturer to get materials rather than assuming that the ones that are in a library are the ones that you're building your designs with. this is especially true when it comes to nonlinear materials.