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    Printing in color

    John Sutherland

      SW 2009 allows me to place colored sketch elements on a drawing, but when I print the drawing those elements are black.


      Is that all there is?

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          Tim Bird

          Hi John


          If you open the "Print" dialogue box and then the "Page Set Up" dialogue box, check that "Color / Gray Scale" is selected, ok any changes you have made. Your drawings will now print in full colour.




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              John Sutherland

              Thanks Tim for advising that it works for you.


              I looked further into the dialogs and found two different paths for printing drawings:


              1)     File>Print>Properties>Select color: Auto color OR Grey scale>Print


                        Auto color prints all black.


              2)     File>Print>Page setup>Drawing color: Automatic OR Color/Grey scale OR B&W>Print


                        Color/Grey scale prints color in color.


              Quirky, but this is SW.