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Gas radiation absorption: Solidworks or Fluent?

Question asked by Jerry Pham on Jul 1, 2013
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Is Flow Simulation capable of modeling the gas (water vapor in air)'s absorption of radiation?


I checked through Flow Simulation help and documents, and it seems that radiation support is only for solid, not fluid.


Is this currently a limitation of Solidworks?


On the other hand, Fluent seems to support a range of radiation models:

  • Discrete Transfer Radiation Model (DTRM)
  • P-1 Radiation Model
  • Rosseland Radiation Model
  • Surface-to-Surface (S2S) Radiation Model
  • Discrete Ordinates (DO) Radiation Model


So in terms of gas radiation absorption simulation, can Solidworks Flow Simulation handle it, or we must resort to more professional CFD software like Fluent?