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Buying the best laptop and hardware for €2000

Question asked by Tom Walstra on Jul 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2013 by Jerry Steiger

Hey guys


I recently got a message from my school which I will be participating for the upcoming 6 years and I got hired.

I was wondering what laptop and hardware I should be getting. I have a budget of €2000 / $2600 to

Spend in total. I asked my teacher if I should get a macbook pro retina 15", since I am a big apple fan

But I've never used a mac before. She told me solidworks wont work, so now I dont k ow which to pick.


We will primarly use sketchup and solidworks, but I want to be able to play some games too, such as GTA IV/V, which are quite big.


I was looking for some good gadgets/hardware for sketchup/solidworks to be able to work faster and better than my

Classmates to be. I found some ideas such as the spacepilot pro or a pen tablet, but I dont know if it would help me

Alot and if its worth the money.



I am also planning to get a seperate monitor to use at home, but this will be bought outside the budget I am allowed to spend now.

Also I am planning to be using the laptop for around 7 hours a day on school, so a decent battery life is a pro.


A overview:


Budget: €2000 / $2600

Possible hardware?

Best laptop for solidworks, sketchup and some games

Decent battery life



So let me know if you guys know anything that will suit me and I would be very thankfull :)