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    Convergance study

    Michael Maz

      Hi guys I am having a problem trying to get my simulation results to work.  The table below shows the results I am getting. The displacement goes from 57 to 0.8 just by changing the global mesh size by 1?!


      Global mesh size in SOLIDWORKS2122


      Yet in previous tests;




      There is a bit of a pattern, however oddly enough when the mesh becomes fine, the results go up and not down


      Mesh Density14.51719.5


      Does anyone know what is going on?


      SW 2013 Simulation Pro. Win 7 - 64bit



      For the record I have done a similar simulation in Abaqus with a different model - my results were as follows.


      Mesh Density0.00010.00050.0010.0050.01
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          Jared Conway

          sounds like a setup problem


          have you already confirmed the software is working by running a cantilever beam or similar that you know the answer for?


          if this works, the software is working fine and it is either a problem specific to your assembly or a setup problem


          then you can take your assembly, remove complexities until it is down to a problem that you can easily find the answer, if it comes back ok, then it is a setup problem that you have to isolate.


          my guess would be that you have a large displacement warning that you're ignoring or soft springs/inertial releif enabled.