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Deleted users & Groups

Question asked by Laura Whittle on Jul 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2013 by Brian Dalton

So we just upgraded to the epdm 2013 a month ago.


During the upgrade we wanted to export our current vault .cex file to save a backup of our workflows, templates, etc. We had an error, that wouldn't let up export the entire vault at once.  So we went thru and exported each thing separately.


Once we got to the workflows thats where the error was found. It was because of a delete group and user.  We found the deleted group still had access in one of the state or transition. So we removed the group from the workflow and could then export the .cex. 


After the 2013 upgrade, our deleted groups and users showed up in the admin tool, under groups and users.  These groups were not in the groups or users dropdown for epdm 2012. Can we delete them or will we have this problem again? And why did they come back?