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extruded cuts from a single sketch?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Jun 29, 2013
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Quick question on extrude cuts.  I'm sure the answer is no but thought I'd ask anyways since I'm new to SW and don't know the tricks yet.  On the attached screenshot, if I want to work my way out from centerline of railing outward each way an equal specified distance, then do an extruded cut each way on SAME sketch, can this be done?  After playing around with it for a while, I'm convinced I have to open a new SEPARATE sketch for each cut line (the one on the left from CL and another for the right off CL) then do an extruded cut on each.  I tried using one sketch showing both cut lines (as shown in attached) then do a separate extruded cut for each line but that won't work since once the extruded cut is made for the one side, it automatically put the sketch with both lines under that feature.  Suggestions?  Thanks!