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Invalid global variable name

Question asked by Lapo Lapo on Jul 1, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by Roberto Casanova

I am cleaning an "old" part from all its linked values and create new global variables in place of them.

I proceed in this way:

- unlink the dimension

- erase/suppress the linked value/global variable from Equation Manager

- create new global variable in Equation Manager

- "link" dimension to new global variables in Equation Manager


SolidWorks insists telling me something like "There has been typed an invalid dimension or a name of a global variable in the left part of the equation".

I apologize for any obscure meaning, but I am not using english SolidWorks and I have failed searching a complete list of error messages (for translation purpose).

In italian it states: "Nella parte sinistra dell'equazione è stato digitao una quota non valida o un nome di variabile globale."