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Splitting a weldment that's too large to ship

Question asked by Michael Bosscher on Jun 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2013 by Michael Bosscher

I recently started a project with one part file (weldment) for the main frame of the machine I'm working on. Unfortunately, our shipping department told me the frame is to tall to ship without paying an outrageous amount. I'd like to use this part file (since there's a number of in context mates in the top level that would take too long to rebuild if I made a bottom-up main frame sub assembly) in a top-down manner, to show an assembly (or sub-weldment of sorts) of four different sections that get bolted together. I attached the original model as well as an edited one, which uses a split feature to shorten the frame columns. Just be aware that the bolt holes havent' been inserted into the various sections yet, making it slightly harder to recognize where the frame's supposed to split, but knowing they're not yet inserted and knowing that height is a concern should make split points fairly self-explainitory. I tried to make a sub-weldment through the cut list and save it out as a separate part (which is also attached), but I think I'm only half way there. Let me know what you think.