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    Laptop Purchasing Help

    Ray Hart

      I am trying to decide what laptop to buy. Right now I have it narrowed down to either a GOBOXX 1820 or a Dell Mobile Precision M6700. They are both similar in price but didn't know what positives are negaives there were between these 2 machines on performance with Solidworks 2013. I have attached specs of both machines that I am trying to decide between.

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          Jerry Steiger



          The best place to ask this question is in the Administration forum, which is supposed to cover hardware and performance questions and where the experts hang out.


          I would go with the Boxx, as they are more focused on supplying workstations to engineers than Dell. Dell loads too much useless baggage on their machines that slows them down and makes them less robust, even though it is supposed to do the opposite.


          Jerry S.


          Woops, I see that I should have looked at the specs before replying. The difference in display size is a big deal. If you can read the smaller display OK, then the lighter weight will be very nice when traveling. If you have to run the smaller display at lower resolution to be able to use it, then I would go with the bigger display. But that is a very personal decision and yours might be different.


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            John Burrill

            That precision's got a higher-end Graphics CARD, and a bigger screen and has a good track record for SolidWorks..  The 802.11a/n wifi might be an issue.  You should check to see if it supports 802.11g broadcasting wifi hotspots since there are still quite a few of those around.