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    Last Day - Gratuitous Personal Plug

    Daen Hendrickson

      The company I have been with for several years is closing down. Today is my last day.


      I am not sure where my next adventure will take me, but if it does not include SolidWorks I wanted to thank the forum for such an incredible education. I am sure I will forget many, but endless thanks to Anna, Depak, Wayne (if he's listening), Matt, Josh, Scott, Glenn, Charles, Ken, Alin, Kelvin, Richard.


      I will continue to visit the forum from home, but it will not be "constantly on in the background" like it is at work. I am hoping my skills wont atrophy.


      And now for the plug - if anyone is aware of a position in the greater Phoenix area looking for SW skills and a Mechanical Engineering Manager, we should talk. I am looking on the job boards and trying to spread my personal network. Suggestions, introductions, anything to expand my network is appreciated. You can find me on LinkedIn or a PM on this forum.


      Daen Hendrickson