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    Rotatable Views in Drawings saved as PDF/eDrawings

    Charles Culp

      We are very strongly looking at replacing all paper drawings with digital displays. This would mean each work station on our assembly floors and in our machine shop would have a small thinclient and a touchscreen display.


      It would be outstanding if within eDrawings or a PDF (3D PDF) we could rotate the model view. This would make it so our assemblers could use their touch screen to rotate the model in the drawing view itself.


      The best scenario would be if they looked at eDrawings, and it showed a static 2D display, to keep things lightweight. Then, if someone double clicks (double taps) a drawing view, it converts it to a 3D drawing view (much as you can do inside SolidWorks), and the user could rotate the model.


      Any thoughts on this idea? Is this something I should submit as an enhancement request? Is anyone else looking into this sort of technology?