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Managing normal cut extrusions in sheet metal

Question asked by Mike Damisch on Jun 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by Tom dunn

Attached is a very simplified example of what I'm working with. I have a rolled front sheet that *should* sit edge-to-edge on a circular base. The circular base provides the profile that I use for a cut extrusion that creates the edge-to-edge connection. By default, the normal cut extrusion cuts off any excess material outside of the cut profile, which then prevents the edge-to-edge connection.


For something as simple as the model shown, I would just alter the dimensions of the cut profile to fit my need. However, what I'm actually dealing with is a but more complex, and if possible, I would like to find a simpler solution. Is there a way to have the circular profile control the "inner" cut profile on the rolled front panel?


I hope this wasn't too confusing and hopefully the model will show what problem I'm having and what I'm attempting to do.